Step Out from Behind the Curtain and SHINE!

  Visibility and Confidence Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs

With Khristee Rich

  • Are you pouring in the hours at work but are still not seeing the profits?
  • Are you taking course after course but still aren’t seeing a drastic change in your business?
  • Are you rattled inside when you see how popular other entrepreneurs are with their businesses but not you?
  • Do you think like a confident money-making business owner?
  • Or do people ask you if you are still doing your hobby business?

Hi. My name is Khristee Rich and I am a Visibility and Confidence Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs. I help entrepreneurs to gain the confidence in themselves to show up BIG in the world. With my unique background as an actress, writer, standup comedienne, healer, hostess, big world traveler, and entrepreneur, I have overcome my shyness and fears and no longer play small. I help entrepreneurs to show up confidently and authentically to their clients and to be visible to the world.

I help you to release your fears and doubts, to venture out of your comfort zone, and I give you the nudge to take the action you know you need to take in your business, but may be too scared to do so. Not only will I boost your confidence, but I put the focus on you in your business. I boost your VISIBILITY so that everyone who NEEDS you KNOWS about you. It’s time to get your work out into the world!

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